We take a therapeutic approach to Yoga at Namaste. We offer small class sizes exclusively – it’s our specialty! Whether your focus is on using yoga as a form of remedial exercise, a way to stay fit during pregnancy, cancer support, mental health etc, we provide a safe comfortable environment for yoga to be a part of your healing.

Namaste offers a variety of classes ranging from beginner-level, restorative, to a more challenging vinyasa flow style – with specialty workshops popping up frequently! We will post these on the website as well as our social media platforms. We are also happy to create a workshop if there is enough of a demand – please feel free to reach out with any suggestions or requests!

We also offer 1:1 private classes with our amazing teachers! Ask how yoga can be part of your massage therapy appointment.

Our yoga teaching faculty will guide you to flow and build strength inside a personalized yoga experience. With never any more than 3 students per class, our teachers are able to pay close attention to everyone, ensuring proper alignment, minimizing the chance of injury and effectively helping you build your practice!




5:15 Intro To Flow


6:30 am – Morning Yin


6 pm Semi-Pro Flow


6 pm Hatha – will return in December

6:30 Candle-lit Relaxing Flow *alternating Fridays*



$15 First Class Special

$25 Drop-In

$100 5 Class Package


Ask how yoga can be a part of your massage therapy appointment!


*All prices are subject to HST*

Class Descriptions


Yin is a style of yoga that involves holding poses for longer periods of time and applying mild (not painful) stress to the joints and connective tissue to improve range of motion. The simplicity of a yin practice allows us to slow down and focus on being patient and still while our bodies adjust to the poses. Enjoy this class in a warm room.


Link movement with breath in this class that’s suitable for all levels! Absolute beginners welcome. Flow through sun salutations, varied poses, and engage both your mind and your body.


This class begins with vigorous heat-building Yang postures designed to warm, strengthen and stretch the body. The practice is then balanced with slow-paced, cooling Yin postures that target deep connective tissues and promote passive restoration. 


In the context of a semi-private, intimate dynamic, this class will explore various meditation techniques and practices in depth, encouraging the body and mind to experience peaceful surrender.  Combining senses with heightened awareness, you will be guided to explore a number of different meditative exercises that involve stillness, gentle movement and restoration.


Build heat through an athletic practice promoting strength, balance, and flexibility. Work up to some of the more challenging yoga poses in a safe intimate environment.


Move through full ranges of motion while connecting your movement with the breath. Ideal for beginners or experienced students looking for movement with less intensity and deep relaxation.


Finish your busy week with an hour dedicated to you. Relax with a slow gentle vinyasa flow class in a warm room followed by a guided visualization.