Namaste Wellness Collective is a peaceful multidisciplinary clinic located in the heart of downtown Hamilton. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming environment for the whole family, with some of our clients starting with us at 1 day old. We focus on prevention, and the idea that your mind and body are of equal importance. Let’s all age together, gracefully.


Rebecca Wasilewski RMT RYT

Hi, I’m Rebecca Wasilewski. From very early on I knew that I was meant to help people. It is no surprise to me how my life has evolved! I am a nature-loving Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, entrepreneur, wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Becoming a manual therapist and yoga teacher was a natural progression from growing up around the Taoist Tai Chi Society with my grandad, who taught for many years. It introduced me to the relationship that exists between anatomy, mindful movement and well-being at a very young age. I live my life respecting this balance. 

I began my career as an RMT in 2105 graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy, with Dean’s honours. I have trained with the Dr. Vodder School of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and have furthered my education and training pertaining to perinatal and infant massage.

I am a long-standing volunteer with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board and an active volunteer with the Cancer Assistance Program. I studied classical piano for many years with the Royal Conservatory, and I am excited to be a contributing co-author to the book, “You Have So Much Potential, Inspiring Healing In Your Client’s Transformation”, to be published early 2019!

My journey with yoga began as a way to continue focusing on physical fitness and heal my body on “rest days” from the gym, but I learned very quickly that yoga was much more than that. I fell in love with the practice. 

I opened Namaste Wellness Collective in July of 2018, because I wanted to share my passion for anatomy, yoga and Massage Therapy with my clients and my community!

My biggest gifts in life are my health, my family, friends, husband and daughter, and our dog, Moo. 


Christine Novokowsky – Naturopathic Doctor

I have always been driven to help those around me.  When people we care about are not well, a sense of helplessness can arise.  I knew I wanted a career that would enable me to help others in the best possible way.  I spent time exploring all my options and discovering Naturopathic Medicine was this powerful “Aha!” moment.  I have never looked back.  A system of medicine that treats individuals as a whole, aims to uncover the root cause of symptoms, supports the body’s innate ability to heal, as well as the emphasis on preventative care – I thought “YES this is it!”.  This is the direction I believe our healthcare needs to shift, and I want to be a part of it.

My goal is to instill a sense of empowerment, by arming you with important information about what is going on in your body.   We will dig deep into your concerns – exploring why you might be experiencing certain symptoms, how they may relate to one another or be affecting other aspects of your health, and discuss a variety of treatment options   We’ll work together, to help you regain a sense of control over your health so you can start taking action to feel your best and continue achieving all that you want in life. 

I have a general practice and enjoy working with individuals of all different ages and backgrounds.  A few areas of clinical interest include women’s health concerns (ie PMS, menopause, fertility, PCOS), digestive health, skin health, sustainable weight management, supportive cancer care, as well as stress and anxiety management.    
Christine received her honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph where she majored in Bio-Medical Science.  She then went on to the four-year post-graduate program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine to achieve her Doctor of Naturopathy degree.  She was awarded the Governor’s Award of Excellence upon graduation for her outstanding academic achievement throughout the program.  Christine also completed an additional course in Integrative Oncology, and was on an adjunctive cancer care focus shift during her fourth-year internship.  She is registered with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and is a member of both the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Mays Ibrahim – Registered Dietitian

Mays Ibrahim is a dynamic Registered Dietitian and owner of Colourful Nutrition. She is based in Hamilton, Ontario. She specializes in weight management and chronic disease prevention. In her practice she translates complex evidenced based scientific information into practical everyday lifestyle changes that are specifically catered to her clients health needs.
Mays graduated from Brescia University College which is affiliated with Western University in London, Ontario, with an Honors Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics (HBSc).
She completed her internship through the competitive Diploma and Dietetic Education and Practical Training program based in the School of Food and Nutritional Science at Brescia University College. Where, she completed hundreds of supervised dietetic practice hours, under highly qualified Registered Dietitians across Ontario in Hospitals, Long Term Care Homes, Family Health Teams, Public Health Units and Corporate Organization.
She is a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario and Dietitians of Canada.
Although Mays is located in Hamilton, ON she provides nutritional counselling across Ontario. Appointments can be booked one-on-one, in small groups or online. Get in touch with Mays to learn more about which nutrition package is best for you. Schedule your next appointment with Mays at Namaste using our online booking site!

Josh Mitchell- RYT

Josh Mitchell has worked as a wellness coach in the field of adult mental health since 2011. A lifelong passion for exercise and athletics has brought him to yoga. Strength, balance and flexibility anchor his practice on and off the mat. Josh also enjoys that yoga is a non competitive space free of ego where the mind can find stillness. When he began practising regularly Josh discovered an ease of movement and a sense of community.

Ali Speziale – M. OMSc

With extensive studies in Athletic Therapy and a BAHSc. degree, a diploma in Massage Therapy, and certification in Acupuncture, in combination with 11 years of clinical experience; her interest in alternative medicine has brought her to Osteopathy. Ali focused her studies and clinical practice in Classical Osteopathy since 2013 at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, and is now a practicing Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.

When Ali is not practicing, she spends most of her time hanging out with her favorite four-legged friend, Kobe. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and burning off those calories every morning in the gym.