Initial Nutrition Assessment
The initial nutrition assessment is all about you, we will be discussing your current relationship
with food. It’s also a time where I ask you questions and use the information that you have
provided me with to assess your current nutritional status and eating habits. Your assessment is not solely focused on nutrients, but also hydration, exercise and your individual nutrition needs. By the end of the
session you will receive realistic goals to work towards to enrich your relationship with food and to develop healthy lifelong habits!

Follow-Up Appointments
Your follow-up appointment is 30 minutes in length, and I will continue to work with you
making sure everything nutrition is going just right! Discovering just the right diet and food for
YOU can take time – I will work with you 1:1 making sure you’re feeling your absolute best and
eating what right for your body.

The “BEST” nutrition plan is the one that works best for YOU!

Mays Ibrahim RD

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