Prenatal massage can help to treat muscle aches and pains, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, swelling and stress that moms-to-be can experience as their bodies experience great change throughout pregnancy. As moms progress through the trimesters, each can present with its own array of discomforts and challenges. Prenatal massage isn’t only for mom – babies get to enjoy the massage too, as moms often comment how their baby was relaxed and calm, or active and involved. All prenatal massages are performed in side-lying, with both comfort and precautionary measures being of the utmost importance. We ask that you consult with your Midwife or Physician prior to booking your massage appointment if you are considered a high-risk pregnancy. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Touch is the most developed sense a baby is born with. Massage is a wonderful way to soothe and connect with your baby. The discomforts of teething, gas and colic can be eased by massage, while aiding digestion and encouraging the development of strong, healthy sleep habits. Infant massage can be structured as a 1:1 appointment, small group classes, and are always a great on-site event for mom’s groups!

*Prices do not include HST*